Our Story

The place for 1001 stories, India, combines contrasts like no other country… Between the rough beauty and strength of gypsy women in the desert, the elegance of colorful saris and alluring incense capturing your senses… it’s the sounds of bells and ancient instruments, that mix with chants and mantras… Diversity and uniqueness combined with a sense of holiness… All of these magical stories are woven into the design, texture and shape of the creations you will find in the Charismaciga collections.


Dedicate a moment to the awareness, that each product is the sum of 1001 stories – dreams and destinies – and many hands, that contributed to the fabrication of the very magical piece you are going to choose…


Charismagica is my way of reflecting the love and beauty I perceive inside and outside of me, and an expression of my admiration for the miracle of life.

I find joy and peace in giving my reflections a shape in the form of magical and playful artwork, such as handmade inspirational jewelery, limited editions of clothes and a collection of handselected accessories.. 1001 stories to wear.. made for you!

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